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Microwave & RF Components Design & Module Prototyping

Leverage on our past experience on defense and communication work, we are able to perform full RF and Microwave system analysis, specifically:

RF System Frequency Planning
Receiver Cascaded Performance Analysis (NF, Gain, P1dB, IIP2, IIP3 etc) using spreadsheet program or state-of-the-art RF CAE tool
Spurious Analysis due to Mixing and Frequency Multiplication/ Division stage
Cascaded Phase Noise Analysis
Determination of component level specifications based on overall system requirements

At LOOP Electronics Pte Ltd, we will do all due diligences to perform accurate system analysis that will eliminate design issues or reduce design cycle as the design progresses towards implementations.

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Design & Consultation

We could provide engineering consulting services to support our customers where expert opinion is needed for project proposal, technical contract review, design reviews, tender evaluation, radio regulatory & qualification issues or EMC problems. We could perform retrofit / repair of wireless products, antenna matching and tuning or RF/ Microwave component design.

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